Three-Eyed Raven is Ommegang’s next ‘Game of Thrones’ beer

Three-Eyed Raven (via
Three-Eyed Raven (via

According to the good folks over at Thrillist, Ommegang’s next ‘Game of Thrones’-branded beer will be a dark Saison called Three-Eyed Raven. If you haven’t seen the show or read the books, the image of a three-eyed raven figures heavily in the storyline of Bran Stark, the young crippled son of Ned Stark.

I only just recently managed to sample Ommegang’s Valar Morghulis, a dubbel ale that was really quite good. It’s still available, so you should seek it out… because winter is coming.

Which is why Three-Eyed Raven will be available in the spring, to coincide with the HBO series’ fifth season.

UPDATE: Ommegang has a new blog post with more details about Three-Eyed Raven, including where it will be available and the inspirations behind it.

A choice sampling:

“Saison qualities dominate Three-Eyed Raven with fruity esters, clean floral hops aromas, a light malt character with just a hint of roast and a pleasant yeastiness in the taste, and a crisp finish with lingering herbal hops and dry rye notes. The label art, which features the three-eyed raven, was created using an actual concept design illustration from the series.”


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Valar Morghulis has arrived. I am jealous.

I can’t tell you how much I want to try Ommegang’s new Valar Morghulis, the latest in the brewery’s Game of Thrones-inspired beers. It’s a Dubbel Ale, which is always a good time in my opinion. While I haven’t managed to snag a bottle of the brew (it supposedly became available today, or last week if you went to the brewery), Jill over at the excellent The Mary Sue blog got a taste. And she loved it.

If you can find Valar Morghulis, let me know in the comments what you think.


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