Aug. 7 is IPA Day

Another important announcement: August 7 is IPA Day. 

Yep, another beer-related day of celebration, a mere week after the first one!

According to this post on, August 7 signals the return of IPA Day. The article suggests that if you are going to celebrate IPA Day, to use the hashtag #IPAday. Also, pics or it didn’t happen. Remember that. It’s important. It means something.

What’s your favorite IPA?
I’ve had many that I’ve enjoyed, but when I reach for one without thinking, I usually end up with a Harpoon IPA.

Ye olde Harpoon IPA
Ye olde Harpoon IPA

Watch City Brewing Co. has closed

Remember when I went to Watch City Brewing Co. in Waltham, and they committed the egregious crime of running out of bacon?

That appears to have caught up with them, because Watch City has closed. For good. According to Wicked Local Waltham, the owner owes some $120,000 in taxes, and some employees haven’t been paid. Continue reading Watch City Brewing Co. has closed

Aug. 1 is International Beer Day

Important announcement:

This Friday (August 1) is International Beer Day. It is a day in which the world can come together in celebration of one of humanity’s greatest achievements: beer.

Per the IBD website, here’s how you should celebrate:

  • Have a beer with your friends (my fave)

  • Give someone the gift of beer (sharing is caring)

  • Try new beers from other cultures (another fave)

  • Say thanks to brewers and bartenders (they’re people, too)

It’s also the same day that Guardians of the Galaxy opens. It’s like everything’s coming up Milhouse.

Have a good weekend, folks. With beer.

EDIT: And because why not, here’s Mashable with a video on how to make beer-flavored ice cream. This recipe has epic amounts of sugar in it, so be careful there. But still…

How will you be celebrating?

Licensed to Brew: “Dr. No”

Licensed to Brew

New project: Pairing a particular style of beer with a specific James Bond movie. We’ll go in order. First up: Dr. No.

007’s first cinematic adventure graced the screen in 1962, directed by Terence Young. The film starred Sean Connery as James Bond, the British super-spy created by novelist Ian Fleming.

Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the deaths of two MI6 agents, and uncovers a plot by Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman) to destroy the American space program. The film features many things that would become staples of the series, from the line, “Bond… James Bond” to the beautiful “Bond girls” and the opening gun barrel sequence. Continue reading Licensed to Brew: “Dr. No”

Just Duck-y: North Carolina beers

I just took a week-long trip to Duck, North Carolina. The Outer Banks. The South. The Cape Cod of North Carolina. Whatever you want to call it, call it.

While I was there, I made the attempt to drink a few North Carolina beers because… Because beers.

Continue reading Just Duck-y: North Carolina beers