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Finnish Brewer Set To Sell Recreation Of 172-Year-Old Beer Found In Shipwreck

$143 a bottle? I mean… I guess… Y’know, for history.


Finnish Brewery Stallhagen plans to sell a reproduced 1842 beer. Finnish Brewery Stallhagen plans to sell a reproduced 1842 beer.

Typically you wouldn’t dream of consuming the things found in a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean. But if you’re a historical buff or a beer connoisseur, a 172-year-old beer found off the coast of Finland – or more accurately its reproduction – might whet your appetite.

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Someone Made Craft Beer Jelly Because That Is Clearly What Peanut Butter Has Been Missing

I can’t even… What do you say about something like this strange mixture of genius, insanity and terror? I kid. It doesn’t sound too bad, actually, even kind of intriguing. I just kind of wish I had this kind of creativity and ingenuity. #jealousy


(Potlicker Kitchen) (Potlicker Kitchen) How often do you eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a frosty pint of craft beer? Not that often, probably. But that doesn’t mean peanut butter isn’t bummed to be missing out on enjoying a cold one while it’s in that sandwich. Rejoice, then, peanut butter: Someone in Vermont has started making craft beer jelly.

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Budweiser Wants You To Buy Beer For Your Buds Without Leaving Your Couch

I would just want to buy, um, BETTER beer for my buds…


(metavariable) (metavariable) Did you see recent projects from Coke, Pepsi, and Starbucks that let users beam beverages at each other through various social media outlets and say, “that seems cool, but I would rather send my friends alcohol”? Great news for you…well, if you live in Denver or Chicago, and your friends like Budweiser.

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Indiana Brewhouse Offers Microwaved Hot Dogs, Canned Soup To Comply With State Liquor Laws

Powdered milk. Hold the h2o.


In Indiana, also known to Midwesterners (or just me) as The Really Long State That Takes Forever To Drive Through On Road Trips, if an establishment wants to serve booze by the drink, it also has to offer a certain amount of food at all times, ostensibly to soak up all that alcohol. In compliance with that law, one brewhouse has taken a different tack with its ah, cuisine.

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People Really Think Miller Lite In Vintage-Style Cans Tastes Better

Considering the interior of a beer can is coated so that the beer never actually touches the aluminum, this seems unlikely. But, hey, human experience and taste is so totally subjective… Who am I to argue? I also don’t drink Miller Lite on more than the most rare of occasions.


(Miller Lite) (Miller Lite) Logic tells us it’s impossible for the label on the outside of a container to affect how that product tastes. Human thought processes don’t always follow logic, though. That’s why sales of Miller Lite have increased after the company introduced 80’s-retro cans and bottles last year. They don’t just look cool: some consumers say that the old-school brews even taste better.

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