Quickies: Winter seasonals, Untappd, Brooklyn and Big Buck

Ok, we’ve gone over this before, but I’m really getting aggravated with seasonal creep. Not only are stores already displaying Christmas stuff, but our winter beers have already arrived as well.

Now, I’m not really a fan of fall as a beer season. Oktoberfests are pretty good, but I don’t care for pumpkin beers. I just don’t really like pumpkin, in general. I don’t like pumpkin lattes, pumpkin seeds or even pumpkin pie (sorry, Emily, I’m sure the two whole pies I watched you make from scratch were delicious… just not to me).

But despite my feelings on fall seasonals, it’s still too early for the winter ones to start popping up:

It’s not even Halloween yet. At least give us until the first week of November, huh? By then the pumpkins are rotting on stoops and I can move on. This is like offering a summer beer in March. Oh, wait.

In other news, Untappd, the social beer check-in app, is four years old. Check into any beer on Untappd between now and the end of the month to get their special 4th anniversary badge:

So I’m coming up on a month living here in Brooklyn and I’ve been out to a couple bars so far but still don’t have much of a grasp of the life here. I did want to make special note that I went to a Cold War Kids show at Brooklyn Bowl this week, and everyone’s glad to know that the show was awesome and that NYC’s first confirmed case of Ebola actually was at a different establishment that night. And he took an Uber. Score one for Lyft?

Before the show, we had a few drinks at a bar a few twelve blocks away called the Levee. This place has kind of a dive-bar atmosphere (the drinks are cheap, the lights are low and there are bowls of cheese balls everywhere) but they actually had a pretty respectable beer list. Whether you wanted to get the “fratboy” special (a PBR and a shot) or you wanted a Fin du Monde import, you could get it here. There’s a space out back with a large, wall-mounted game of Connect Four – though, it could use some maintenance.

And why is that Big Buck hunting game seemingly in every bar?

Seriously, though. Someone answer that question.


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