Three-Eyed Raven is Ommegang’s next ‘Game of Thrones’ beer

Three-Eyed Raven (via
Three-Eyed Raven (via

According to the good folks over at Thrillist, Ommegang’s next ‘Game of Thrones’-branded beer will be a dark Saison called Three-Eyed Raven. If you haven’t seen the show or read the books, the image of a three-eyed raven figures heavily in the storyline of Bran Stark, the young crippled son of Ned Stark.

I only just recently managed to sample Ommegang’s Valar Morghulis, a dubbel ale that was really quite good. It’s still available, so you should seek it out… because winter is coming.

Which is why Three-Eyed Raven will be available in the spring, to coincide with the HBO series’ fifth season.

UPDATE: Ommegang has a new blog post with more details about Three-Eyed Raven, including where it will be available and the inspirations behind it.

A choice sampling:

“Saison qualities dominate Three-Eyed Raven with fruity esters, clean floral hops aromas, a light malt character with just a hint of roast and a pleasant yeastiness in the taste, and a crisp finish with lingering herbal hops and dry rye notes. The label art, which features the three-eyed raven, was created using an actual concept design illustration from the series.”


2 thoughts on “Three-Eyed Raven is Ommegang’s next ‘Game of Thrones’ beer”

  1. In your information about Three Eyed Raven, you indicated that it would be exported to a few provinces in Canada, including Ontario and your blog stated that it would be available “Likely mid to late May”. I have been checking weekly online and with local retailers (they’re getting kind of tired of me bugging them) and no sign of it yet (July 2). Game of Thrones is finished for the season – why no love for Ontario? Any plans to still ship here?


    1. I wish I had an answer for you, Juliet. Alas, you’ll have to ask Ommegang, since they’re the ones with the info (and making the beer!) I hope you find it, though, because it was quite tasty.


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