Down the Gullet: What did I drink this week?

Here’s a rundown of the beers I had this week. See any you like? Let me know in the comments. Be sure to follow me on Twitter or Untappd if you for some reason want to see what I’m drinking sort of in real-time.

This wasn’t much of a beer week. I went to a party on Sunday and had a chance to sample a couple brews there, then nothing until Thursday. I’ll include Saturday since this is the first time I’ve done this, and there were some good beers that night, too:

I’d never had this one before, or even heard of it, but there’s rarely a Sam Adams I don’t like.

This and the Naughty Nurse by City Steam were highlights of the evening. Oh, and the fact that I was with a bunch of my closest friends. That’s important, too, I guess.

Not only is the Naughty Nurse a good beer, but I love the name and the label.

Mayflower’s Golden Ale is pretty solid. Not a favorite, but I’d never turn one down if someone offered it or if I came across it at a party or some such.

A rare New Hampshire beer spotted in the wild.

Allagash… Can they do no wrong?

The Meadowlark IPA from Pretty Things was really quite good. I was at Bella Luna/Milky Way Lounge in Jamaica Plain for the monthly Boston Opera on Tap event there. Always a great time.


Hopsters: The Magic Brew Kingdom

Many years ago, we gave my father a home brewing kit. I’m talking so many years ago that I don’t even remember whether he even used it. But the takeaway is that my father has had an affinity for local craft beers for quite some time (and it appears he’s passed that on to me).

That’s why I was intrigued by the concept at Hopsters – a brewpub in Newton, MA, that allows you to brew your own beer. Continue reading Hopsters: The Magic Brew Kingdom

You want these beer cocktails at your next party

Beer cocktails have been exploding, covering everyone nearby with strange mixtures and surprised facial expressions in popularity lately.

Recently a friend was looking for an excuse and a theme for a party, and I suggested beer cocktails. After the initial rush of “This is gon’ be the most epic shindig evarrrrrr,” there was some question as to how to keep things from getting too complicated and turning my friend’s kitchen into a warzone.

Continue reading You want these beer cocktails at your next party

Noooooooooooooo! Or, Breweries: Please Stop Doing This

Self explanatory.
Self explanatory.

I saw something completely unacceptable at the store today:

A pumpkin wheat beer... at the beginning of August. #Crime
A pumpkin wheat beer… at the beginning of August. #Crime

Totally, one hundred percent Godwin’s Law wrong. It’s August. August. I refuse to eat or drink anything with Pumpkin in it before October. Maybe late September. Yes, that includes coffee. And especially beer. Especially.

Don’t get me wrong; I like me a good pumpkin beer, even though I’m kinda picky about them. But I should be drinking summer brews through late September, and then finishing off my fall seasonals in November. At this rate, we’ll probably start seeing winter beers on September 1. (Pleasepleasethat’sonlyajokedon’tmakethatathing)

Breweries, I beg of you… Please… wait three more weeks for this stuff. Seriously. I’ll respect you so much more for it.