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I’m not photogenic, but my beer is.

Well, it’s done. I’ve moved from Boston, MA to ye olde Brooklyn, NY. It’s been a blast so far, especially the part where my entire apartment was ravaged by a plague and we spent the entire long weekend coughing and sneezing and making soup.

But, y’know, bonding as a group.

But a new city would, hopefully, mean new beers. Sickness has curbed that for the most part, though I did manage to sneak a few in when I was feeling better. Continue reading I’m not photogenic, but my beer is.


You want these beer cocktails at your next party

Beer cocktails have been exploding, covering everyone nearby with strange mixtures and surprised facial expressions in popularity lately.

Recently a friend was looking for an excuse and a theme for a party, and I suggested beer cocktails. After the initial rush of “This is gon’ be the most epic shindig evarrrrrr,” there was some question as to how to keep things from getting too complicated and turning my friend’s kitchen into a warzone.

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Licensed to Brew: “Dr. No”

Licensed to Brew

New project: Pairing a particular style of beer with a specific James Bond movie. We’ll go in order. First up: Dr. No.

007’s first cinematic adventure graced the screen in 1962, directed by Terence Young. The film starred Sean Connery as James Bond, the British super-spy created by novelist Ian Fleming.

Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the deaths of two MI6 agents, and uncovers a plot by Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman) to destroy the American space program. The film features many things that would become staples of the series, from the line, “Bond… James Bond” to the beautiful “Bond girls” and the opening gun barrel sequence. Continue reading Licensed to Brew: “Dr. No”

Just Duck-y: North Carolina beers

I just took a week-long trip to Duck, North Carolina. The Outer Banks. The South. The Cape Cod of North Carolina. Whatever you want to call it, call it.

While I was there, I made the attempt to drink a few North Carolina beers because… Because beers.

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