A Good Night in Boston: Sweet Cheeks BBQ, Peak Organic and Lagunitas

I’m in Boston for a few days, making the final preparations for my permanent move to Brooklyn. Of course that means I’m going to see some friends, eat some delicious meals and drink some beers.

I spent all last weekend in Brooklyn stuffing PBR down my gullet which was… no fun at all. Alright, actually, it was a ton of fun except that while I will drink PBR I mostly just don’t like it. My friends thankfully acquiesced to my request for some not-PBR at one point, and I got a few cans of Magic Hat #9 in there.

I found the gate to heaven on Boylston Street.
I found the gate to heaven on Boylston Street.

But mostly what I want this post to be about is Sweet Cheeks Q on Boylston St. in Boston. I first encountered Sweet Cheeks at my cousin’s bachelor party. It was both the best decision ever and a total mistake. We had planned to hit a couple more bars over the course of the day, but after filling ourselves on the delectable delights at Sweet Cheeks, our food comas were so deep we had to retire to his home and hang out in the backyard the rest of the day.

Sweet Cheeks doesn’t have a deep beer list, but what they do have is quite good. There’s always a selection of bottled craft beers and rotating drafts. I don’t think you’ll ever have a problem finding something good there.

Last night I was having a goodbye dinner with Jackie, a very, very good friend of mine. For dinner, we both had some excellent pulled pork – I prefer mine with the Carolina vinegar sauce – fried okra and the always incredible biscuits that are made on-site.

Mason jars!
Mason jars!

But enough about the food (which is incredible, I can’t stress that enough). Sweet Cheeks serves their drinks (including cocktails, sodas and sweet tea) in mason jars. You know you love it. For beers, I had the Peak Organic Hop Harvest Oktoberfest. With the word ‘hop’ in the name, you know what you’re getting into. And that’s absolutely what I got into. Strong, strong hop taste. This is not a beer for those who prefer their beers to be sweeter, lighter, or smoother. But, if you can handle how strong it is, it’s quite a good one.

I also had Lagunitas’ Pils. Very different from the Oktoberfest, to be sure. Lighter, sweeter, easier going down. I’ve yet to meet a Lagunitas I haven’t enjoyed. And they’re everywhere, so don’t tell me you can’t find it. And it earned me a badge on Untappd:

If you’re ever in Boston, check out Sweet Cheeks on Boylston Street. It’s right near Fenway Park, so that’s awesome, too. Go Sox. 😉


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