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Quickies: Winter seasonals, Untappd, Brooklyn and Big Buck

Ok, we’ve gone over this before, but I’m really getting aggravated with seasonal creep. Not only are stores already displaying Christmas stuff, but our winter beers have already arrived as well.

Now, I’m not really a fan of fall as a beer season. Oktoberfests are pretty good, but I don’t care for pumpkin beers. I just don’t really like pumpkin, in general. I don’t like pumpkin lattes, pumpkin seeds or even pumpkin pie (sorry, Emily, I’m sure the two whole pies I watched you make from scratch were delicious… just not to me).

But despite my feelings on fall seasonals, it’s still too early for the winter ones to start popping up: Continue reading Quickies: Winter seasonals, Untappd, Brooklyn and Big Buck


A Good Night in Boston: Sweet Cheeks BBQ, Peak Organic and Lagunitas

I’m in Boston for a few days, making the final preparations for my permanent move to Brooklyn. Of course that means I’m going to see some friends, eat some delicious meals and drink some beers.

I spent all last weekend in Brooklyn stuffing PBR down my gullet which was… no fun at all. Alright, actually, it was a ton of fun except that while I will drink PBR I mostly just don’t like it. My friends thankfully acquiesced to my request for some not-PBR at one point, and I got a few cans of Magic Hat #9 in there. Continue reading A Good Night in Boston: Sweet Cheeks BBQ, Peak Organic and Lagunitas

Down the Gullet: Sept. 1-7

Another week, another sampling of beers here in Boston. Next weekend I’ll be in Brooklyn, NY, and hopefully I’ll get to try something new. Until then, here’s a rundown of what I had last week. The highlight was another trip to Hopsters to bottle our Gerry’s Par 5 Stout.

As usual, you can follow me on Twitter or Untappd to keep track of my disappointing online trials and tribulations.

A great French Farmhouse ale from Hopsters in Newton.

Yeah, I had the pomegranate saison again at Hopsters. It was that good.

Lagunitas makes a fantastic IPA, but you should know that by now.

Another solid offering from Sam Adams. Not my favorite, though if you’re into hoppy things, this one ain’t bad. Great name, though.

I guess that’s it for this week. And mostly it comes down to me pimping Hopsters again. Which, y’know, I’m fine with because it was awesome.

Back to Hopsters: Bottling Day

The second part of the Hopsters experience is going back after a couple weeks to bottle your beer that’s been fermenting in a keg since your brew session. The process is simple, and the helpful staff explained everything in detail and were very accommodating. Basically, you put the bottle in the first machine, pump in some CO2, then filling the bottle with beer, and then clamping on the cap. Easy as pie. Mmm… pie… Continue reading Back to Hopsters: Bottling Day

Hopsters: The Magic Brew Kingdom

Many years ago, we gave my father a home brewing kit. I’m talking so many years ago that I don’t even remember whether he even used it. But the takeaway is that my father has had an affinity for local craft beers for quite some time (and it appears he’s passed that on to me).

That’s why I was intrigued by the concept at Hopsters – a brewpub in Newton, MA, that allows you to brew your own beer. Continue reading Hopsters: The Magic Brew Kingdom

Indiana Ben and the Quest for the Golden Yuzu



TITLE: Somerville, 2014

It’s a warm night, clear sky. PEOPLE mill about, chatting. Across the square, by the movie theater, a MAN PLAYS GUITAR and sings a 90s pop-rock song.

Around the corner, we focus on FIVE HORSES TAVERN. The sounds of loud conversation and BRUINS HOCKEY filters out into the street.

Continue reading Indiana Ben and the Quest for the Golden Yuzu