I’m not photogenic, but my beer is.

Well, it’s done. I’ve moved from Boston, MA to ye olde Brooklyn, NY. It’s been a blast so far, especially the part where my entire apartment was ravaged by a plague and we spent the entire long weekend coughing and sneezing and making soup.

But, y’know, bonding as a group.

But a new city would, hopefully, mean new beers. Sickness has curbed that for the most part, though I did manage to sneak a few in when I was feeling better.

Last night I met a friend at a place called The Brooklyn Stoops, which has a nifty little outdoor area in the back with some steps and fake doors for people to hang out on. I had the Kelso Pilsener, which I found to be quite flavorful and enjoyable.

This afternoon I did some grocery shopping and picked up a six-pack of Brooklyn Oktoberfest. This is a simple, malty October beer. In a strange twist, I kind of preferred Brooklyn’s pumpkin beer. And I rarely prefer a pumpkin beer as a seasonal. I took a picture of it mostly because I wanted to laugh at the fact that I was drinking a beer at 3 in the afternoon:

With some tissues, because the plague.
With some tissues, because the plague.

The picture then landed me this sweet Untappd badge, which gives me an irrational sense of accomplishment:

So that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it together and visit some of Brooklyn’s breweries. I’d love to hit up Sixpoint. Mmmm… Sixpoint.


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