Back to Hopsters: Bottling Day

The second part of the Hopsters experience is going back after a couple weeks to bottle your beer that’s been fermenting in a keg since your brew session. The process is simple, and the helpful staff explained everything in detail and were very accommodating. Basically, you put the bottle in the first machine, pump in some CO2, then filling the bottle with beer, and then clamping on the cap. Easy as pie. Mmm… pie…

Speaking of pie, we had their pizza for lunch. Delicious. Mushroom and asparagus on one of them, chorizo on the other. Can’t recommend them enough.

At the end of the afternoon, we had 74 bottles of mocha cream stout, which we named Gerry’s Par 5 – My dad loooooves golf. I think it’s the most boring thing in the universe, but whatevs. My sister emailed in a custom label she designed, and Hopsters printed them out for us. We were told it was better to hold off putting the labels on until later in the day after we’d gotten home – the bottles were slightly chill and condensation formed on the outside, you want to put labels on dry bottles.

We’re really looking forward to cracking these babies open. We got to sample the beer at the pub, and it was quite enjoyable. Lighter than I expected, but with great flavor.

Here are some pictures from bottling day:



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