Other stuff I write

I write a lot. Here’s a rundown:

For Reelz – My movie and TV review blog since 2010. I go to the movies a lot and I suffer from a Netflix addiction, so this gets updated pretty regularly.

My Insane Ramblings – A writing-centric blog that I don’t update very often, but it contains my thoughts on… things. Things I’ve read or things I’m writing or things I’m thinking about that deal with writing or reading. Many, many things.

The following can all be found on my Amazon.com Author Page:

Weirdo Company – They are the US military’s crack response unit dealing with the strange, the monstrous, the dangerous. They are Weirdo Company, protecting us from the things that go bump in the night, the things we’re not ready to fight. “Weirdo Company” is a 10-part serial featuring explosive action, horrifying monsters, silly comedy and everything in between.

The Box – A mysterious artifact is uncovered in the desert. It is metallic, perfectly cubical, covered in strange writing… and older than human civilization. Four strangers are brought to a secret laboratory to unlock its secrets, including a codebreaker, a linguist, and a young prodigy physicist. What is the box? What secrets does it contain? Finding out will send the team on the greatest adventure of their lives… and could mean the end of everything they know.

Show Me The End of the World – An anthology of six sci-fi stories: Astronauts experience the end of the world from high above…. A young girl peers far into the future to see how it all comes to a close… An immortal man contemplates the true meaning of loneliness… A husband uses a special machine to control his dreams — and his nightmares… A talented computer hacker finds love in a place she never imagined possible… And, a young boy discovers his robot companion may be truly alive…



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