Show Me the End of the World

What’re We Dealing With?
Name: La Fin du Monde
ABV: 9%
Style: Tripel

la fin du mondeNow What?
I keep this journal in the hopes that someone will find it, and learn. The world as we know it is at an end.

It came from Canada. It was unassuming, at first. Light, bubbly, a little sweet and with a creamy head up top. We let it in, thinking, what could be the worst that could happen?

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Porchin’ it

Monday is a bit unusual for me. Because I work Tuesday – Saturday, my weekend is Sunday and Monday.

So on Mondays when everyone else is at work, I’m still kind of chilling. It’s kind of funny when my friend Katrina messages me and asks, “How was your weekend?”

“Ongoing,” is a typical response.

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Indiana Ben and the Quest for the Golden Yuzu



TITLE: Somerville, 2014

It’s a warm night, clear sky. PEOPLE mill about, chatting. Across the square, by the movie theater, a MAN PLAYS GUITAR and sings a 90s pop-rock song.

Around the corner, we focus on FIVE HORSES TAVERN. The sounds of loud conversation and BRUINS HOCKEY filters out into the street.

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