Aug. 1 is International Beer Day

Important announcement:

This Friday (August 1) is International Beer Day. It is a day in which the world can come together in celebration of one of humanity’s greatest achievements: beer.

Per the IBD website, here’s how you should celebrate:

  • Have a beer with your friends (my fave)

  • Give someone the gift of beer (sharing is caring)

  • Try new beers from other cultures (another fave)

  • Say thanks to brewers and bartenders (they’re people, too)

It’s also the same day that Guardians of the Galaxy opens. It’s like everything’s coming up Milhouse.

Have a good weekend, folks. With beer.

EDIT: And because why not, here’s Mashable with a video on how to make beer-flavored ice cream. This recipe has epic amounts of sugar in it, so be careful there. But still…

How will you be celebrating?


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